chinadollbelle asked:

I know goths get a lot of criticism from non-goths but do you know any ways of handling criticism from fellow goths? I tend to get a lot of shit from goth friends/acquaintances for being a cheerleader. I don't want to quit being goth or cheerleading - it's my life :-(!

xtoxictears answered:

I’m sorry but I love you, goth cheerleader sounds like the best thing in the world oh my goodness. Cheerleading movies are one of my guilty pleasures and even though I’m sure its NOTHING like the silly movies I kinda wish I could be one but we don’t have it here.:’(

On to the actual problem - Err, I don’t know who these so called “goths” are, but honestly, they’re the ones that sound like posers to me. It tends to be the biggest posers who are like “Oh you can’t like this thing because its not goth, if you like it you’re not a REEAAAL GOTH”.

Like, feck off. If you are purposefully limiting your lists of interests just to fit into some silly frickin’ tick box of what you think goth apparently is, you’re doing it wrong. I like S Club 7 and Hello Kitty. Does it take away from my gothy roots? NOPE.

You are allowed to like whatever you want along with your darker interests, they’re obviously a bunch of sad little individuals who are going to live an incredibly restricted and boring life until they inevitably dump the goth thing, or grow the fuck up and realise you can have other interests.

So ignore them, or if its your friends, call them out on it! Show them this post. Let them know they are being giant ass hats and real friends wouldn’t give you a hard time for something you love doing. Like how rude.

Hope you continue enjoying all your passions and ignore the losers who try to stop you lovely!^_^